Where To Eat In Kingston, Jamaica

We’ll show you where to get the best Jamaican food in the capital city

Surely Jamaica is much better known for its beaches, its music and marijuana, than for its food offering. But its cuisine deserves just as much attention.

Jamaican cuisine boasts originality with raw materials not found in any pantry. For example, try the callaloo, a spinach that is usually added to soup. The ackee, a curious fruit that when cooked, resembles scrambled eggs.

In Jamaica, fish is usually mixed with vegetables in dishes like the summary, and cooked with coconut milk. All this can be accompanied with the bammy, a famous round bread made with cassava.

Other highlights of the intense Jamaican food are Jerk chicken (based on onion, pepper, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt),roti, oxtails, rice and peas, and peppered pork.

Here are a handful of places to taste these and other dishes:

Golden Bowl. Half Way Tree. Kingston. Tel: (001) (876) 929 8556. A classic with 30 years of experience. Delicious food in a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Gaucho’s Grill. 20 South Avenue. Kingston 10. Tel: (001) (876) 754 1380. A restaurant with international food that includes steaks, pasta dishes and sandwiches.

La Brasserie. 81 Knutsford Boulevard. Kingston. Tel: (001) (876) 926 3690. http://www.jamaicapegasus.com. Located next to the swimming pool, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, from local to international cuisine. Informal atmosphere that at night becomes romantic by candlelight.