Tips To Save Money On Hotel Accommodations

Accommodation is usually the most expensive part of any trip. It’s clear that what you spend on sleeping under the roof is closely related to the holiday format or trip you like to take. But in all cases, there are some aspects that, if taken into account, can make the hotel bill cheaper. A few things to keep in in mind:

1. Plan ahead:

Buying in advance guarantees better prices. As with flights, the best time to book is between four or five months prior to the trip. Of course, forget about this rule when peak season is in effect. But if you exclude the most touristy months in each destination, the rule of four months usually works.

2.Compare prices on the internet before making the reservation

One of the key secrets to getting deals is to keep an eye on the different search engines, such on the Internet. it’s important to do it all at once, and to use multiple tabs in your browser. This is very important, since the search engines detect your interest in a destination and if you do many searches for a single destination, they won’t give you the cheapest options.

Try BookingTrivago, Kayak and Momondo. Once you have two or three options in the priority list, repeat the search on the hotels web pages. Pages like Tripadvisor allow you to see reviews by other travelers so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3.Take advantage of discount bonuses.

As with the ‘experts’ in finding bargains with airline tickets, if you are willing to take advantage of last minute deals regardless of destination, web pages like Groupalia or LetsBonus have a wealth of last-minute deals every hour. The advantage: discounts that sometimes exceed 50%. The inconvenience: dates are usually very rigid and unpredictable. But if you don’t mind a vacation without previous plans, these pages are a fantastic tool.

4.Check prices without breakfast and/or dinner.

In some destinations, paying $10 more for breakfast or dinner is simply throwing money away. And you have to keep it in mind. Imagine you’re going to Marrakech, for example, where it’s possible to have breakfast like a king in any cafe for $2, and you spend $10 or 15 for a breakfast that is not much better than you can eat on the street. This service usually makes the final bill much more expensive and not always convenient. The same goes for the dinners. Look at both options and make the right decision.

5.A hotel far from the city center?

That hotel a bit removed from the center may be a good option to save a dime, but you have to keep in mind something fundamental. Make sure there’s a good combination of public transport and that the schedules allow you to commute quickly to the city center during the night or in the early hours of the morning.

6.Private rentals?

Airbnb offers an impressive catalog of accommodations and is in almost every corner of the world at prices that are more than affordable. This possibility is even more interesting for group travel. Two or three couples of friends can save more than 60% compared to hotels. And most of the time, these accommodations are very well conditioned and located in the best areas of the cities. Other options are Rentalia or Couchsurfing, which gives you the possibility of staying for free through a community of travelers.

7. Hostels

This cheap lodging option is not just for backpackers. Denounced by some travelers, hostels have improved a lot in recent times, and the vast majority have single or double rooms that provide real opportunity to stay in big cities at more than interesting prices. Websites like Hostelworld offer London lodings, for example, for less than $20 a night.