The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Because dreaming costs nothing, a dozen sandy beaches between the Seychelles and Australia

1. They are the rocks that take on pink, brown or silver colors, depending on the sun’s inclination. One is anxious to feel these granite rocks. In the port of La Digue, they rent bicycles (motor vehicles are prohibited), and in only 15 minutes, you’ll be at the nature reserve of L’Union Estate. After paying only $6, you’ll get to experience giant turtles, beautiful mountains, breathtaking cliffs, and palm trees kissing a multicolored Indian Ocean.

2. These private islands will assure you peace and tranquility. The island, a natural reserve,  is a gateway to the paradise of the Lesser Antilles. The trip is a dream experience. There is a chiringuito, cuco, and boats that will to take you out to the coral reef for an amazing diving experience.

3. Daring the most massive waves on the planet is only suitable for expert surfers. A tour of the Seven Golden Mile (300 different waves in 11 kilometers), the North Shore excursion takes your breath away. From the Ehukai Beach Park, you can witness gargantuan waves breaking on coral reefs. Ideal time to visit is from September to March. Also check out Waimea Bay. The spirit of aloha presides over the stay. Eat in restaurant vans ( and, for dessert, try the chocolate haupia cream pie (