The 10 best airports in the world

6. Kansai International Airport, Osaka (Japan)

Return to the orderly and impolite Asian airports, this time through the airfield of Osaka, an installation that this year has struck a high in the classification until placing in sixth position. The ascent is mainly due to the installation of a new area specially designed for those who need to spend the night at the airport. This area has long benches – forget about those horrible chairs divided in four by metal bars – a space reserved for luggage and even a free blankets. With such places, waiting for an early morning flight is, without a doubt, much more bearable.

7. Vancouver International Airport (Canada)

The American continent is present thanks to the extreme kindness of Vancouver Airport. From minute one of your arrival, you feel welcome thanks to the facilities of the airport, the cleanliness, and the cooperation of the staff that works in its stores and restaurants, as well as customs. As if this were not enough, the complex is carefully decorated with lots of art pieces and the connections to the center of the city function like clockwork. The first contact with a wonderful country that receives the traveler with all its sympathy.

8. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland)

The users of the Helsinki airport value very positively their cleaning, and the facility with which the routine activities of an airport are developed. From the invoicing to the shipment. As in the rest of the Nordic countries, service seems to be designed with the citizen in mind, and not against the citizen, as is often the case in other countries. One of the most sought after treasures are its sleep capsules, which are also complemented by the large number of plugs available along the terminals to recharge your electronic devices.

9. Tallinn Airport (Estonia)

Tallinn airport shows us that it is not necessary to be a mega resort full of fantasy and leisure spaces to become a well managed and valued airport. Its size has nothing to do with one of the gigantic airports that occupy the top of the list; however, its simplicity, comfort, and tranquility make it one of the best. However, because there is no large intercontinental transit or many night flights, it doesn’t have facilities designed for long waits or connections.

10. Zurich International Airport (Switzerland)

This airport is so clean and well taken care of that it seems that tourists don’t even frequent it. The facilities remain unblemished and the signage is so well designed that it’s impossible to get lost. Of course, the prices are as high as you can imagine; Fashion stores and souvenirs have items out of reach for most mere mortals and the food costs as much as the best restaurant menu. After all, no matter how well designed the passenger services are, this is still Switzerland. And you have to pay for it!

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