The 10 best airports in the world

In the last post I showed you the 10 worst airports in the world from the point of view of comfort for the traveler, the kindness of the officials and ground staff, and the infrastructures of the terminals. There is of course space for the best. These are the top 10 airports rated by a few of our writers in 2016:

1. Changi International Airport (Singapore)

We chose Changi Airport as the best of them all. And no wonder,  this airport looks like a playground! The facility has five gardens, massage chairs, televisions and video games … and even a free movie theater! And what about the cleanliness and the organization of the terminals, they seem to be drawn from a fairy tale: everything is collected, well taken care of and the treatment of the workers is exquisite. Come on, one of those places where it’s worth having a 24 hour layover. I wish all airports were like this!

2. Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

Incheon Airport is in second place in the standings but could take the top spot. The complex is another example of how a place as tedious as an airport can become the best experience of a long trip: it has a large shopping center, gardens, movie theaters, and guided tours that run the facilities. Those who arrive tired from the flight will have no problem finding comfortable spaces to rest, and will even have the possibility of taking a relaxing shower for free. The only catch is that users find that the security controls are a bit slow.

3. Haneda International Airport – Tokyo (Japan)

A careful place with care, faithful to the Japanese style, in which you will not be able to find a single piece of trash lying on the ground. It doesnt stand out for its elements of entertainment like the two previous ones, however, we value in a very positive way its cleanliness and security, as well as the friendly treatment of its personnel. An airport that responds to the culture of a country: friendly, clean and computer friendly.

4. Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei (Taiwan)

Who said that airports are boring and soulless spaces? At Taoyuan, each door is set with a different theme: from the environment to Sony products, through tea shops and Hello Kitty products. To fill the dead time between connections there are classes of calligraphy, tastings of local food, etc. The rest is secured in comfortable rooms, and they even have family rooms.

5. Munich-Franz Josef Strauss International Airport (Germany)

The first European airport on the list is Munich. A comfortable and safe space where the cleaning, the attention to the client, and solid organization that generally typifies a good airport. Small details like the free coffee in the mornings, and the quality of the food  offered in the restaurants gives it an added bonus. For the little ones, it counts on a game park as well as several organized routes where they teach children several aspects of the world of the aviation.