Rome: Capital Of The Roman Empire

Walking through Rome … is like walking through a museum, its squares, its fountains, its ruins, its Coliseum that centuries ago witnessed endless struggles by Roman gladiators. Strolling through its streets is to stroll through thousands of years of history. Visit its monuments and museums. It’s truly a pleasure for the five senses, and it is, and has been the birthplace of great painters, sculptors, architects, with notable artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Bernini etc…

But first and foremost, you need to find accommodation in the city and there are several options including: hotels, apartments, hostels, bed & breakfasts etc.

Is it true that hotels in Rome have too many stars? Yes, in many cases, unfortunately it is. A special location always costs more and Rome is certainly no exception. Hotels fill up even though they are outdated, so the owners take longer to make the necessary renovations. Many hotel structures have been frozen in the 70’s or 80’s.

But there are also many new or completely refurbished accommodations, which offer attentive service for a tidy price such as Oh-Rome.

To start, let’s begin with a little tour of its monuments: The Colosseum. It is spectacular for both adults and children. Come on, who hasn’t seen a movie where there are gladiatorial gladiators bathed in the sand (ahem Gladiator).

After some magnificent images, we entered the Basilica of San Pedro. It’s impressive with its gigantic dimensions, and it has everything,piles of holy water, the bronze figure of San Pedro with the worn-out foot, the dome seen from the inside, the huge bronze canopy…

If you can make it, climb all the way to the top. You have to make a considerable effort to do so, but the view from above will be one of your best experiences in Rome.

The Trevi Fountain has to be seen both by day and by night, and the tradition of throwing a coin in the water while making a wish was one we certainly couldn’t pass up on.

You will also love Piazza Navona, with its fountain full of monsters, and Piazza Spagna with its imposing staircase, especially if you can visit it in spring, you’ll find it full of people and adorned with flowers.

The Castle of Sant Angelo is full of passages, stairs, interior patios, balconies with magnificent views of the surroundings and the interior, a huge treasure chest. … What more can you ask for to stimulate your imagination?

The Pantheon is a must for both adults and children. This incredible monument impresses everyone.

Legend has it that during its construction, instead of using scaffolds and wooden supports, they erected a huge mound of earth, inside of which hundreds of gold coins were hidden.The emperor said that anyone could keep the coins they found, and in a few days the whole earth disappeared. Go figure.

Also a walk through the Markets of Trajan have some labyrinthine, with corridors, stairs and narrow galleries where they could pass in large.

A good end to the day could be in The Catacombs of Via Appia. At the end of the visit, you can have a good rest in the beautiful garden area along the Via Appia, or walk around renting bicycles.


Park of Villa Borghese.

If you start to tire of stones and museums, Villa Borghese is a great place for outdoor recreation. It is the second largest park in Rome (after Villa Pamphili), but the most affordable to tourists. Statues, fountains, reconstruction of classic temples next to small ponds, full of ducks, swans and turtles …

The best area for children is in the vicinity of Porta Pinciana. There, you can rent bicycles and rowboats, climb a small train that runs the area … There is even a small movie theater and a merry-go-round. This small “green city” also has a zoo (the Bioparco).

Changing of the guard at the Quirinal Palace.

The ceremony of the changing of the guard takes place every day in front of the Quirinal Palace, official residence of the President of the Republic. It is a very colorful ceremony that will please children. The Quirinal is 5 minutes from the Trevi Fountain. If you are in the area at that time, it’s worth checking out for a moment. You should check the schedules as they vary from winter to summer.

Visual deception …

Rome specializes in the art of surprise, fantasy and deception. Here are three examples of amazing illusionism that are very easy to see, that will appeal to children andadults alike:

1)Borromini in the Palazzo Spada: A 10 meter gallery that seems to have 40. You can come to see it without paying the entrance.

2) The false dome painted in the church of San Ignacio, which is seen with correct perspective only from a precise point from the church.

3) The Church of the Gesù, with its imposing vault and the stays of San Ignacio, with the frescoes in trompe l’oeil of the galleries that lead there.

As you can see, Rome is full of mythical places, historical monuments, and much romanticism. Send us your pictures, and let us know about your adventures.