NYC: The best restaurants in the East Village

It’s not necessary for us to meet in the middle of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to confirm that the city continues to be the biggest stage for fashion, restaurants, shops and trends. Life is what happens in the city that never sleeps, especially in the East Village, one of the hippest neighborhoods in NYC.

The East Village as a neighborhood is a true gem. First, I chose it for a mere budget issue and for having a decent apartment with walls and windows. Then I fell in love with what is now one of the most important neighborhoods in the city. Far from infinite skyscrapers and stressed executives, the East Village presents itself as a more or less relaxed area that has still not been overtaken by tourists.

I found true jewels that enabled me to eat well for little money (always a challenge in New York), and met my needs to find delicious cuisine traveling on almost 5 continents.

Beginning in Asia, I am well aware of my weakness for a good red fish curry such as the one they serve at Babu Ji ( This restaurant was one of my usuals, especially on Fridays when it’s filled with beautiful people looking to have fun.

The quality of its Indian cuisine is very high and its price, despite not being very economical, did not prevent me from trying the food. The aesthetics of the place is very cool, and in your menu, you’ll find typical dishes of the most characteristic street cuisine in India.

Two of the best brunch places in New York are Flea Market, and Prune. Flirty, with a delicious meal and good price. No one should leave without having a classic Eggs Benedict accompanied by a Bloody Mary. Pay attention to the happy hours during the working days, where food and drink is served at half price within an established timetable(up to 6:30pm).

You will want to repeat it when you try the delicious cheese and cheese mussels accompanied by a Coco Punch, the star cocktail of the house in Esperanto. It is best to go at night and book a table, this restaurant of Brazilian gastronomic tendencies, and is one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

Strolling around St Market Place is always a good option to find something. Shops, souvenirs or the delicious spicy soup (from the real ones) from Ramen Setagaya. By the way, the best place for good Ramen is at 34 St. Marks Place.

And if you think you’ve already seen it all, that’s because you have not been to Yaffa Café. Have a look and tell me it isnt to die for!