Ibiza, the perfect island for the whole family all year round

Contrary to what everyone may think, Ibiza is not just an island dedicated to the young. And although it’s well known that their beaches are fantastic, it (Ibiza) still may not be given quite the credit it really deserves. What is clear is that it is one of the most desired Spanish destinations by tourists, and is considered to be an idyllic island.
But in spite of all this, few people know that it is a fantastic island to practice family tourism, in addition the weather accompanies you practically all year since its winters are mild and its summers warm. The island places has many destinations suitable for family tourism, and to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. So if your goal is to disconnect from everything, Ibiza is the perfect choice.
You can enjoy nature in a different way, and we promise that you will instantly fall in love. When we say Ibiza, we only think of sun and discos, but the island has much more to offer. Rent a car to reach the places that the majority of tourists don’t make it to. One day, for example, after a tiring day at the beach with the little ones, you can escape to one of the many places of the island where you can view ( in spectacular fashion) the sunset with the Mediterranean sea in the background.
Still, if you want to spend your holidays with the little ones, a good idea is to stay in places that are focused on children. For example, in the village of Santa Eulalia, you can enjoy a lot of peace and quiet. It’s a little further away from most touristic places on the island, but there are several tourist lodgings there that are aimed at the little ones having fun. But as I said before, you need a car. Don’t depend on the bus to get to know the island. 
Ibiza is a perfect destination to travel with children, they will have a great time and you can enjoy the nature and relax like never before year round. Enjoy!