Eating Well (and affordably) On Galapagos Islands

Where To Dine On The Galapagos Islands

A sea almost perfectly intact, free of fishing pressures. And remarkably clean. This area of the Pacific is an enviable pantry full of top quality products. The Galapagos Islands are a true paradise inland and offshore. And that is evident in its cuisine that is based on the fruits of the sea, combining traditional methods (along with foreign contributions) that seek to satisfy the tourists who come from almost every corner of the world.

On our visit to the Archipelago, we ate and dined at many restaurants and bars. These were the ones we liked the most:


The Rock (Tel: (+593) 5252 4289) We sampled the best lobster in all of Galapagos, and it was one of the places we liked most of all the islands. Of course, the prices are not low, but it’s worth it. The fish are of the highest quality and the seafood is also impressive. Good service and the best cuisine. We also tried the tuna, and found it to be excellent. Spectacular Ceviches and a good menu of international dishes. Ideal for a treat. Good cocktails. Average Price: $25.

La Garrapata (Tel: (+593) 5252 6264) Don’t be fooled by the funny name of this restaurant. The place is great, the service is top notch, and the food is great. We went to eat and had a few beers. Fresh fish of the highest quality. The Tuna with Teriyaki Sauce is the best we tried on the islands. Good choice of starters. And the seafood is exquisite. Average Price: $20.

Il Giardino Tel: (+593) 5252 6627) A piece of the European Mediterranean in the middle of the Pacific. We came here for a temporary reprieve from fish and seafood (yes, even one gets tired of it), and we dined on risottos from Primera División and some very good pastas. But the menu includes typical dishes of the Ecuadorian continental cuisine, and, of course, the island specialties. And the place is great. Average Price: From $15.

Charles Binford Street Kiosks (several restaurants) Charles Binford Street cuts off Baltra Avenue three blocks from Charles Darwin Avenue. In the section of street that mediates between Baltra and Islas Plazas, they open a multitude of small restaurants that occupy the street with tables. The best time to eat at ‘kioskos’ is in the early evening (be aware that a large number of Europeans start to dine at 19.00/7pm). We tried several establishments and the quality and prices are similar. You should definitely try the fish, a local specialty with fresh fish and coconut milk. Average Price: From $10+.


Coco Surf (Tel: (+593) 5252 9465) For us, the best restaurant on the island. Specialties centered in the seafood, although recently they have opened up their menu to include some Ecuadorian specialties. Quality, good price, unbeatable service, and a kitchen that perfectly blends the respect for the wonderful raw materials of the islands, and the taste for details that point to haute cuisine. Awesome fish and seafood. Good selection of cocktails. Average Price: $20.

Isabela Grill (Address: Avda 16 de Marzo Los Jelies corner Tel: (+593) 99677 7918) We recommend the grilled meats here. THh possibility of eating wild pig, one of the delicacies of the local cuisine that, unfortunately, is not very present in many of the restaurants on the island. Very good option to eat meat. Average Price: $18.


The Sailor’s Rest (Address: Calle Alsacio Northia; Tel: (+593) 987 28 28 63) The seafood rice is impressive. Scrupulous respect for raw materials. We tried grilled tuna and octopus with garlic. There is a good quality price correlation. One of the best. Of course, simple and traditional cuisine. No surprises here… And that’s also appreciated from time to time. Average Price: From $15.

Otoy Restaurant (Highway to Galapaguera of Cerro Colorado; Tel: (+593) 5301 0058) For lunch only. And it’s a pity. Very varied menu that includes fish, seafood and meat. Cuisine with creative touches that enhance local flavors. It’s worth tasting as a culmination of the excursion from the Galapaguera of Cerro Colorado and the Puerto Chino beach. Average Price: From $18.

Restaurante Rosita (Address: Calle Ignacio Hernández) Excellent value for the money. A la carte or set menu. Menu focused on fresh fish and seafood and local specialties inland (great chicken). Recommendable. Average Price: From $15