72 Hours In Paris

Paris is always a matter of attitude. Before the love, before the happiness, before the optimism, before the life. Few cities can boast of symbolizing so many cities in one. A weekend in Paris gives a lot, it’s three intense days in which to visit some of the most mythical hotels, enjoy a good espresso in a cafe in the Marais district, go out shopping through streets as elegant as Saint Honoré Or visit one of the most recent temples of art, culture and design, the Museum of the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

“If either of you dies,” the husband said to the woman, “I’ll go to Paris.” Words of Sigmund Freud. Whether it’s your first time in the city or not, no one should stop visiting such important places as the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon. The Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, one of my fetish places in Paris, an almost mystical corner from which to see the city at your feet.

And from one side of the city to the other we continue our journey to the Georges Pompidou Center, a daring art center which is also a fictitious entrance to the Le Marais district, my favorite. A visit to the Pompidou is absolutely obligatory, as is a dinner or cocktail in its restaurant Georges, located on the roof of the imposing building that seems to be built upside down. From Georges you get some of the best views of the city to the imposing Eiffel Tower, the most recognized monument of all France.

But before visiting ‘the old lady’, you are welcome to stop on the way to stroll, get lost and find yourself back in the neighborhood of Le Marais. And although the magic of Le Marais can not be bought, it can be enjoyed. My two favorite corners I have more than recorded on my road map; One of them is Les Philosophes, at 28 rue Vieille du Temple, perfect to taste a rich morning express in a literary and decadent atmosphere. The second serves to taste the rich French gastronomy, and nothing better than to do it in Au Petit Fer à Cheval.

It’s small, noisy and rather uncomfortable, but it doesn’t matter, it’s one of my favorite foodies. It was opened at the beginning of the 20th century. Look at the spectacular horseshoe bar, and it serves the best filet mignon I have ever tasted. In Le Marais, in addition to key shops such as Diptyque (where everyone would have to take home any of their classic candles, my favorite is the Baies), you can also find brands such as Maje or Sandro, whose establishments cause fury. Blended among the tremendous amalgam of trends in Le Marais, stands the Jewish heartbeat with its shops and street restaurants of rich kosher food, such as falafel.

An interesting stop is the Museum of Jewish Art and History, at 71 rue du Temple. And if there is a place in Paris that perfectly defines the love of shopping in general and fashion in particular that is Merci, at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais. Here you can find everything from old period pieces, classic Yves Saint Laurent designs to interesting finds by young emerging designers, all under one stylish roof. You know when you enter Merci, but never when you leave. This Concept Store is nice, pleasant and you can even stop on the way to enjoy a rich coffee and a savory salmon sandwich.

Radically changing things up, we now move to Trocadero. Here we familiarize ourselves with the Napoleonic relics in one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. The Shangri-La Hotel is one of the most beautiful buildings in Belle Époque style, and also belonged to a nephew of Napoleon. A hotel whose impressive rooms, lamps and rooms in general belong to the very palace of Versailles, a place where it has not spared the least in its meticulous restoration process.

The Shangri-La, one of the newest hotels in Paris, has 54 rooms designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon in a classic and practical way faithful to the French interior style. The views of the Eiffel Tower are, of course, a heart attack, however its privileged location is one of the hotel’s strengths, as is its restoration, among which La Bauhinia stands out, a mixture of the best of French gastronomy And Asian cuisine served in luxurious fine china dishes. And any end of party and visit is best carried in the bowels of Hotel Costes, located at 239 Rue Saint Honoré. This legendary establishment is an institution in the city; The ideal place to see, be seen and in passing, have some good cocktails and dance for a while. The fashion industry has been paying homage to it for years and the modern half-world is always here, in the middle of a sophisticated environment that you can also be part of.

Arts Galore

The Museum of the Louis Vuitton Foundation has been open for more than a year and is already an essential stop on any visit to Paris. Designed by Frank Gehry, the relationship between fashion and art has never been so close, all thanks to Bernard Arnault, whose unbridled passion for beauty has given rise to this splendid museum whose construction has cost more than 100 million euros. The facilities of the Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum border the Jardin d’Acclimatation, an old zoo and park founded by Napoleon III (in which Proust set a chapter of In search of lost time). A powerful alliance between luxury and art that promises to give you talk, and much. As an appetizer, visitors can already enjoy Bas Jan Ader, Ed Atkins, Maurizio Cattelan, Tacita Dean or Mona Hatoum. A unique background, rarely exposed in Paris; All served and protected under a luxurious shell.

Sweet temptation

Ode to the most famous sweet of Paris, and also the most exquisite and coveted. It is not surprising that it is one of the most prominent weaknesses of the Parisians, also my own and that of Coco Chanel herself. Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, chestnut, coffee … and even surprising temporary innovations such as truffle or pepper that you will find in Pierre Hermé, the temple of savoir faire in Paris. The original recipe for this capricious sweet-shaped button comes from the Middle Ages and to this day, there is nothing more chic in a visit to the French capital than to enjoy any of them accompanied by a rich tea.