12 months, 12 destinations we recommend for 2017

Here are 12 destinations that I strongly suggest you visit. To be fair, you can’t go wrong with either of these destinations so in no particular order, they are:


This is a good month to visit the country that has made biodiversity a reason to be, and is its biggest tourist attraction. I recommend the Corcovado peninsula, south of the Pacific coast. And also do some rural tourism inland.


More than a country, Australia is a continent full of biodiversity. A trip for nature lovers and open spaces. My recommendation is the Queensland coast, which I cruised in a sailboat.


Many travelers think that Nepal ceased to exist after the earthquake of 2015. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nepal is still there, with its magical mountains, its valleys teeming with rural life and its chaotic cities. It needs tourists to come back and help revive the economy.


It was my great discovery of 2016. Nothing is what you imagine in Iran. Instead of that country in black and repressive tones that have sold us what you find is one of the most kind and cultured peoples of Asia, eager to talk and interact with Westerners. An experience that every traveler should have at least once.


Visit Dresden and the Elbe Valley, an area of ​​Germany very accessible from Spain because there are direct low cost flights. Dresden is a fairytale city and its surroundings, bathing on the Elbe, a region ideal for hiking and cycling routes.


Norway is a country of postcards. Notes for where you point the target, the photo is perfect. My recommendation is to start in Bergen and Stavanger, the two most famous historical ports of the country, and then continue to the north end: Tromsø, Alta, Lofoten Islands. The higher up, Norway becomes more beautiful.


It is necessary to take advantage of the short summer to visit this frozen island, the greater adventure trip that can be done in the northern hemisphere. An extreme place, of glaciers and fjords, in which there is not a single road that a two localities and that nevertheless is very accessible from Spain and suitable for all type of travelers.


Spain is full of wonders. A perfect destination for summer is the Costa Brava, the charming coastline of northern Catalonia in which despite being super high season you can take a dip in transparent coves surrounded by pine forests and without too much stress.

September / NAMIBIA

The most atypical country in Africa is almost a pure desert. However, you fall in love with the beauty of its landscapes, its good infrastructures and its variety. You can do safari in Etosha, bathe on secluded beaches or meet some of the tribes that best preserve their traditional lifestyle throughout South Africa.

October / COLOMBIA

Another one of those destinations that breaks topics. I returned once more to Colombia last fall accompanying a group of travelers from El País Viajes, and all returned with the same idea: that kind country was not the image of drug trafficking and kidnappings that we remembered from past decades.

November / JAPAN

Although you can go all year, there are two magic moments to visit Japan: in spring, when cherry blossoms, or in autumn, when the momiji dresses ocher, red, copper, yellow and yellow, the Japanese forests and gardens. Check out our full feature of Japan here.

December / INDIA

India is a very intense country, in every way. And some fall in love, while others, exhausted, A good part of the fault of this last feeling is because the majority of Spaniards travel there in July or August, when the combination of high temperature and extreme humidity becomes unbearable. India in winter is much more bearable and generates more pleasant feelings.