10 Must See Places In California

Giant trees, mythical coast road, movie stars, lunar landscapes, wine routes and much more on the west coast of the United States

6. The golden bridge of the free spirits

It’s impossible to travel to California without stopping in San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. You must cross the mythical bridge (erected in 1937) on foot or by bicycle, watching the cargo ships pass between the orange towers, and gazing at 360-degree views of the steep Marin capes, the city skyscrapers in the background, and The island of Alcatraz.

7. Death Valley

Its name evokes a hellish place, scorching and resembling a Biblical exile, but the Death Valley is a place full of life. Close up, springtime wildflowers bloom on the beige slopes and you will discover an exceptional landscape: singing sand dunes, water-carved canyons, desert rocks, craters of extinct volcanoes, oasis with palm trees and a Abundant endemic flora and fauna.

Adventurers can venture into narrow canyons filled with geological rarities, climb volcanic craters formed by violent prehistoric explosions or explore ghost mining towns of the Wild West.

8. A day at the Zoo

When the people of San Diego are not on the beach, they go to Balboa Park. Families can spend the day visiting more than a dozen museums, seeing exotic animals, riding the Skyfari cable car of the city’s famous Zoo, or attending a show at the Old Globe Theater.

San Diego is the largest city on the southern coast of California and probably the best place to live in the entire state, a city with a sustainable urbanism where green commerce is on the rise, the beaches are clean and the skies impeccable. It is the paradise of the good life, populated by tourists, hedonistic surfers, people who ride bikes on the beach, go horse racing, or tour the best breweries.

9. Santa Monica and Venice

The elegant Santa Monica beach is the perfect alternative to Los Angeles, and one of the happiest places on earth, or so it seems. You can learn surfing, climb a solar powered ferris wheel, dance under the stars on an old pier, discover the aquarium’s tactile pools or put your feet in the water. The sunsets are overwhelming. You’ll encounter a parade of new agers, bodybuilders, punks, gothic and hippy percussionists on the nearby beach of Venice.

10. A Walk for Fame

Film and television studios have emigrated to other places, but Hollywood and its Stars Walk of Fame still attract millions of visitors. Modern hotels, restored movie theaters and ostentatious bars and discos where VIPs have a preference. It is unavoidable to take a souvenir photo in front of the Grauman Chinese Theater, or inside the Hollywood & Highland Babylon Court, with the mythical Hollywood sign in the background.

Be sure to visit any of the large studios such as Paramount, Sony or Warner Bros.