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  • 21 Marvels Of Central America

    panama canal

    Seven small countries lie between the vast breadth of North America and the natural diversity of South America, but they are not just a bridge of passage. Each one of them hides true natural and artistic wonders that tell us about a common history and an immense biodiversity. Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica […] More

  • Glasgow Guide

    Ugly, industrial and gray are some of the adjectives that often appear in the Glasgow guides. And, to be honest, they are not far from the impression that the city produced the first time we visited. The largest city in Scotland seems destined to lose its battle against Edinburgh, the nation’s capital, a more picturesque, […] More

  • The happiest countries in the world

    Norway Every March 20th, since 2012, the UN publishes its World Happiness Report, coinciding with International Happiness Day. It lists the happiest countries on the planet. In the Scandinavian country, there is a complicated word, koselig, which refers to the feeling of well-being and warmth, linked to the feeling of belonging to a group; a community. This […] More

  • The Celtic Heart of Ireland

    The islanders, with a curious mixture of sneer and pride, tell us that these windswept lands were always far from the control of the British crown. Isolation and difficulties in responding to any outbreak of discontent on the part of the natives lead to the removal of the small garrison which maintained its British majesty […] More

  • A Guide To Exploring Belfast In Two Days

    It’s not a bad idea to get to Belfast in the late afternoon. Your first impression, with the first hints of the upcoming night time, will leave you with no choice but to go for a walk, and explore some of the old pubs in the capital of Ulster before before everything goes silent at midnight. […] More

  • Samaná, Dominican Republic: Images of Paradise

    If we were to imagine the ideal paradise, there are certain recurrent images: there would be no lack of key elements such as white sandy beaches, coconut trees caressing turquoise waters, clear waterfalls that fall on lagoons wrapped in exuberant vegetation, coral reefs in which multicolored fish swim etc…Well, this paradise actually exists. Most visitors who spend […] More

  • 10 Must See Places In California

    California is one of the most complete states in the United States: here there are beaches, mountains, lakes, ski trails, scenic trains, and ghostly deserts. You can also find the most beautiful national parks, the world’s largest trees, the most famous theme parks, the most modern and liberal cities, as well as hundreds of charming villages […] More

  • Recipes of the world: Chicken Kebob

    Ingredients: For the kebab: A chicken breast cut into very thin strips a clove of garlic A small onion Extra virgin olive oil Half lemon cumin Salt and pepers Leaves of lettuce and a tomato cut into thin slices. For the tomato sauce: Two crushed tomatoes Extra virgin olive oil A teaspoon of soy sauce […] More

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